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Jeremy Chou

Sep 20, 2022

Different Date format?

Can the extension be configured to allow for different Date formats?

Jonas Mellquist

Jan 3, 2017

Cannot access Options

With Chrome v55 I cannot access the options, it's simply grayed out


Apr 6, 2016

Vivaldi/Chromium support


I was trying to use this on Vivaldi, which is based on chromium (which is basically Chrome) and this extension is not working.

I found another that does something similar and that works, but I like this one better. I was just hoping you could get a look and maybe fix the issue if it's not too hard.


Javier Romero

Aug 2, 2014

Add Timezone selection

Would be nice to allow the user to select which timezone to display the human readable time instead of selecting the users current timezone.

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