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riley kirk

Feb 9, 2022

dunno how to continue after the introduction

i have been trying to enter the game but how? intro screen is the only thing i see

Tricky the Clown

Oct 31, 2021


Literally add anything, this has so much potential

Rex Li

Jan 10, 2021

My Account

Hi Developer,
I've been playing your game for a while now, and my username is OPSUPERTREX. But after my chrome crashed, I no longer have access to that account. How can I get the data back?

Jacky Poo

Aug 15, 2020

Time Trial Racing Suggestions

Hi, I really love your game and I've been played for 2+ years, whenever I create a new account, your game was the first to be downloaded in the web store. I loved the graphic and the physics of this game, it was amazing as well as the controls! I would really suggest some update on more cars, and more maps such as the Yas Marina or the Silvertone, etc. I would really appreciate it if you could add some maps and cars, and for other users, I suggest you playing this game, it's the best!!!

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