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Harvey Andruss

Jan 5, 2021

TimeCamp does not work with Google Calendar

Web site claims integration, but entering email and clicking next shows 404 error. Add-on shows up in Google store for Chrome, but is greyed out. If this has been decommissioned or is a bug, you should update everything until resolved. What gives?

A Chrome Web Store user

Aug 22, 2018

Not working

Not working on here.

Rafael Gonçalves

Jun 18, 2017


Hi, can't you read only the history from Why do you need everything?

A Chrome Web Store user

Jun 2, 2017

What about an integration with Husky Marketing Planner?

What needs to be done?

Asaf Moshe

Mar 11, 2017

Gmail and Inbox (by Gmail integration)

Are you planing an integration with Email Services? (as Paydirt:



VPB Studio

Mar 2, 2017

For Trello

It's not working for trello. It appears with "error"

Regan Bourland

Jan 19, 2017

Workfront Supprt

Would you mind adding support for Workfront?

A Chrome Web Store user

Aug 18, 2016


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Cat Morris

Feb 4, 2016

Trello Integration

When you start the timer from a Trello card, it creates a timer event in Timecamp, but the event has no task or description - there is no way to know it came from Trello or what card it was timed on.
Is this broken or working as designed?

Yuhua Chen

Jan 30, 2015

It's not working for trello now

The page is stuck when opening a card in trello with this add-on turns on :(

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