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Hossam Etman

Jul 20, 2022


لقد حددت المال ولكن لم اعرف الخطوه التاليه كيف اعرف انى حصلت علي المال وكيف اسحبه يرجى الافاده

A Chrome Web Store user

Mar 31, 2019

Whitelist Feature

It would be nice if not all sites with currency amounts were converted into time. There should be an option to only have certain sites converted or some feature to whitelist or blacklist sites.

Jessica Assis

May 24, 2018

Didn't worked

Did not work on all the sites I tried (amazon, aliexpress and an online clothing store). Does the extension not recognize Brazilian real? I'm sad, the idea of ​​the extension was very good: /

Issac Roberts

May 5, 2018

Site Blacklist

Very useful when shopping on amazon, newegg or any other e-tailer, but it would be nice to be able to have a site blacklist. Sometimes it does't make logical sense to see the time value of something specifically when reading news articles or putting bids in for free lance work.

LeeMarie Robinson

Apr 1, 2018

thinking of using

I think I have a good understanding on why someone would use this site. So do you think it would help me show my children (11 & 12) how hard we as parents work to buy them their electronics they seem to like to NOT take care of. I would love to use this site to show them and base there allowance on the items they would like to purchase or items they have already broken.... What do you think would be the best way of doing this???

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 17, 2018

acrobat approvals

1 BLACK fur my size medium .

عبداللطيف الشيخ

Jan 3, 2018


بالنسبة لتطبيق الوقت هو المال قمت بتثبيته بالمتصفح قوقل كروم عندي بالابتوب ويقولك حدد المبلغ بالدولار لي تريده بالساعة وسويتها ويقولك تخلي المتصفح شغال معك والعداد يحسب لك بالدولار ممكن توضحولي كيف الطريقة مافهمت شي منها والحين لي اكثر من 14يوم مثبته بالمتصفح ارجو الرد منكم


Nov 19, 2017

Can't enter in hourly pay

Hi, I can't seem to enter my hourly pay or check any boxes on wages - they're all blank!

Best Commerical

Jun 1, 2017


اضفت الاضافة للربح من التصفح ووضعت مبلغ 50 دولار للساعة ولم يتفعل لي كم المدة المطلوبة ؟ هل ساعة كاملة فقط

Mohammed Ali

Mar 31, 2017

الاضافه الجديده الوقت هو المال

اتمنى ان يتوفر شرح بالفيديو عن طريقة تشغيل الاضافة وكيف تعمل وكيف اربح منها وكيف استفيد منها قمت باضافتها لكن لم اعرف كيف استخدمها

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