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Sreehari Shaju

Sep 1, 2023



Stephen Giraud

Jun 24, 2019

Adding time

I have 4 shifts to add. I put in a time and it requires an AM or PM? I am in add time side. I can't get it to add times together. I really want it to work, I hope you keep working on it. Thanks!

A Chrome Web Store user

Jul 18, 2017

Unable to enter 24 hour times when editing field

It is impossible to enter 24 hr time formats after having put a value in for a time section already.

Under the Shift Calculator in the first field:

Put 13:(don't put second part yet, though it doesn't matter and happens regardless).
Reselect the 13 portion.
Try to put in 14.

Notice it will enter 01 and then change to 04 on each keypress.

Using the x on the side does not reset anything in this regard.

A Chrome Web Store user

Jul 18, 2017

There are AM/PM fields for Just Time

There shouldn't be any AM/PM fields for Just Time, since it is adding up the amount of time segments provided. i.e. 1:30 + 1:40 = 3:10

A Chrome Web Store user

Jul 18, 2017

AM/PM data field makes no sense

The extensions seems to only take 24 hour formats, which means the AM/PM fields are unneeded.

Christie Borg

Apr 25, 2015

Do not let you add time

do not let you add time!!! this extension is useless. however it is a really useful extension if it works perfectly!

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