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Ace Sharp

Mar 19, 2024

App is not working

It's been over a week now, and the app is still not working.
When I try to download individual files, the downloaded videos will not play.
For some reason the app keeps downloading corrupt video files that will not play.
Also, entire archives will not download and I just get an error message.
This happens with every single TikTok account that I tried to download videos from, and I have even tried signing into TikTok with a different account.

After closing and re-opening Google Chrome, the app will work for 1 single download, and then it will stop working again, and it will start downloading corrupted video files that will not play.

When I download videos on my phone using a different app, it works fine.
The problem is definitely because of TikTok Video Keeper.


Feb 28, 2023

Not working at all!

Not working at all! Please fix the error! Can't download videos at all!

Coyt Julitta

Sep 28, 2022

No more username in filename

great thanks for your plugin and the evol, that's top, you're really gifted.
just to aware you about the filename saving the video, there is no more the username and the video id, only the comment with these damned # and icons.
thanks again

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