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kenny padua

Jun 4, 2023

Unable to do Bulk Downloads

lately the app doesnt recognized multiple videos, it only recognize one but still unable to download it. Developers please check on this.

Doniel Schultz

Apr 13, 2023

2.1.2 worked til a few weeks back....

Now seems to download only an .mp4 file less than 1kb in size (which of course isn't the real file). Thanks for your ongoing efforts!

Carpe Dion

Mar 10, 2023

Captcha on every tiktok page

This extension is causing every visit to any page on Tiktok to prompt for the CAPTCHA slider puzzle thing. Disabled the extension and it's fixed the issue


Dec 14, 2022

Not separated by username files

Not separated by username subfiles when downloading. numeric subfile is generated

David Aguilera

Dec 11, 2022

Update Nothing changed

I saw there was an update. Haven't been able to download anything in about a month a half. I tried everything and nothing works. Tried Chrome, Edge. Logging in, logging out. Even clearing cookies. I give up.

Rx Foo

Jun 26, 2022

Option for original numerical file names

tikt*{@user}/video/{file name}
hope you could preserve the original file names for better sorting and reference.
its working.

Doniel Schultz

Apr 11, 2022

Update didn't seem to fix the failure to download issue

Installed the 2.1.1 update from 4-10-22. Still no joy. Let me know if there is anything I can provide to help troubleshoot!

Jonas Welder Lopes

Mar 10, 2022

Problema com download

Aos que enfrenta problemas no download e fica carregando infinitamente e clica na extensão e não aparece nada, a solução é clicar no cadeado ao lado do link e excluir todos os cookies, após isso relogar na sua conta e tudo está normal. Comigo funcionou dessa maneira.

Doniel Schultz

Feb 23, 2022

Stopped working for me too

A few days ago. The button I usually click no longer downloads the video. Suspect Tiktok changed something on their end, but don't know for sure.

John Locke

Feb 17, 2022

Not working :(

It doesn´t download videos

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