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Tide - Focus Timer & White Noise


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Tide offers you the best focus timer with natural white noise. Stay focused and increase productivity with Tide!

Tide, beloved by users on iOS and Android over 120 countries, is officially released for Google Chrome Tide is an app to help people live mindfully with nature. Packing the great nature sounds like streams, waves and breezes into the app, we offer you a space in Chrome to focus and increase productivity during work and study time. SPECIAL FEATURES: 🕑 Focus Timer: - Customize focus and break time at your desire. - Based on the Pomodoro Technique, Tide Focus Timer features a short break after a period of focus time. Such method has been proved to improve overall efficiency. - Block any distracting website in Immersive Mode, helping you stay on target. 📊 Focus Statistics: - Tracks the amount of time spent on different websites. - Clearly records your focus time, giving you an accurate picture of a day or a week. 🌿Natural Sounds: - Five natural sceans make you surrounded by nature: Ocean, rain, forest, muse and café. Your privacy is important to us. Tide only collect personal information which is adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary for best user experience. Moreover, we do not store or process any personal data directly, and we will never upload them to any third parties. Learn more about our Private Policy: https://tide.moreless.io/pages/chrome/privacy-policy/en.html If you find Tide useful, please rate us 5 stars in the Chrome Store. We would REALLY appreciate it :) STAY IN TOUCH: E-mail: talk@moreless.io Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thetideful/ Weibo: https://weibo.com/tideapp

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    9 февраля 2020 г.
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    Guangzhou Moreless Network Technology Co., Ltd.
    广州大道中琥珀广场3层WeWork03-101 广州市, 广东省 510623 CN
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