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Darkenix Kun Worth (Lightenix Kun Worth)

Jun 8, 2015

color change

you cant change the theme different colors...if you can do you think you can add that in thanks ^^

Gerard Cirera

Feb 9, 2015

Doesnt work on any google search page...

I cant get this to work at all on any page. Ive tried,, etc... none of them are black.
I even tried editing the extension to work with "*://*" so that it would run on any page, but that didnt work either. Help pls :(

Andrew Ch

Nov 27, 2014

Not full screen background change

Maybe Google's Homehage uses stylesheets that prevents the whole screen to change to black, but the theme ignores a large rectangular chunk on the bottom and a small ribbon up under the google Shortcuts. I love your theme persists the black from home to search.. hate those white flashes.

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