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Laurent Suspene

Mar 25, 2024

I want to change the registered credit card

how can i do it ?

diane lijewski

Jul 26, 2023

GOD USA Everbody wins!!!!

This is our counrty or nobody wins!!!

Ayla Wolffe

Apr 9, 2023

I want to cancel my subscription

I can't figure out how to

Joyce Mccarthy

Oct 18, 2021

Reading the paper

I have just signed up for a year subscription. How do I get into the articles?

John Abbott

May 30, 2021

Washington Post

How can I install my washington post subscription on my laptop
without it taking over my browser?

Virginia Huber

Mar 4, 2021

additional reader/husband

With my subscription, I understand my husband also has access to Washington Post online. His email is
How do I sign him up, if he isn't already?
Thank you, Virginia Huber

Phillip Branner

Nov 24, 2020

Device compatibility

Are there plans to expand compatibility of Wapo Print Edition feature with Windows-based devices?

Nancy Lasner

Dec 31, 2019

How do I access my free Amazon Prime subscription?

see above

Steve Hardesty

Feb 22, 2019

Extension Behavior

Does every new tab I open load the WaPo content?

Sig Martinez

Mar 14, 2018

app wont open on chrome book

realized it executes when you open a new tab there you see the results of the app

Google apps