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Romolo Costagliola (vavud)

Jun 1, 2024

Long Time User

I recently changed from Vivaldi to Opera and found that the app did work with reader mode at the same time. Could you look at this please as I use your app many times every day.

Alan Rolfe

Aug 1, 2018

Print Styles

Is there any way to change the "Print Styles" stylesheet?

I would like to change font, etc.

Chester Southwood

Jul 5, 2018

Addition to the Keyboard Shortcut Page

Hello, fantastic and useful extension! However as a fellow user questioned, there isn't any known deactivation of the extension after using it for a page, as there isn't a "off button" or information on any keyboard shortcuts to deactivate the use of it after removing. I think several would appreciate having it known in the keyboard shortcuts that the Esc key will deactivate The Preintlimator. Thank you towards the team for creating this free
and useful extension!

Kevin “Kevhull58” McC

Nov 13, 2017


Please create an OFF Button for Printliminator -it just keeps deleting objects, even when I've finished my intended task! FRUSTRATING.. :(

Ryan Ip

Oct 27, 2017


Printliminator unfortunately doesn't work on Linkedin?

Google apps