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Dov Ber Ballon

Feb 15, 2014


the notifier crashes with error "error fetching feed counts".
However often I reload it, it crahes within seconds.
This started a week or two ago.

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 25, 2014

Extension crashes on every Chrome update

Every Chrome update for as long as I've had this extension has caused the extension to crash and require manual reloading when Chrome comes back up. This is on OSX, Windows, and ChromeOS and on both Stable and Beta versions of Chrome.

Works after you click the notification to reload it so it's a minor inconvenience.

Chris Coburn

Aug 9, 2013

Changes Due to The Old Reader Move

Are any changes to the extension needed to support The Old Reader move to a different data center?

Just curious.



Jun 8, 2013


Since the update on June 7, where the notifications have been introduced: it does not remember the setting to disable the notifications, it displays them all the time

Michal Vašut

Mar 26, 2013

Redirecting to All items

can you redirect it directly to All items after clicking extension button (that button with number of unread items)

Ángel Vilches Vilches

Mar 25, 2013

Extensión para Firefox

¿Existe una extensión para Firefox?

April Griffin

Mar 22, 2013

The Old Reader

The entire page of this extension will not load. All I can see is the title The Old Reader at the top. It also allows me to click on the navigation bar but will not display anything. This does not happen on my laptop. Just on my desktop.

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