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J Martin

May 25, 2024

Is Your Extension Brave Compatible

Tank You

Damien Theo

Feb 23, 2024

whitelist - 'never suspend domain' is not working

Used to work but not lately on a bunch of tabs I have in Chrome OS


May 29, 2023

“Not now”Functional failure

The not now option next to it is not clicked

patrick albano

May 14, 2023

Microsoft edge workspaces

Doesn't work. Suspended tabs turn into New Tab Pages

Brian W

May 10, 2023

Mac shortcuts

Hello, do you know if there's a way to set shortcuts in chrome on a mac? If this is not currently possible I'd like to request that feature. Love this extension, glad you guys forked it to keep it safe.

Сергей Никитин

Apr 3, 2023

Не работает функция "Не сейчас".

Не работает приостановка расширения на определённой вкладке .

Anton Pustovoyt

Oct 13, 2022

"Unsuspend this window"

Great plugin! It would be awesome if there was an option to unsuspend all tabs in the current window tho, as many use different windows for managing different groups of tabs and unsuspending tab by tab is pretty time-consuming.

Vicki Camen

Aug 6, 2022

Marvelous Suspender

no longer works with latest chrome update i just did. I have your latest extension. All tabs have the orange icon and a refresh does not pull up the website. I get just white page, nothing happens.

Danil Novikov

Aug 6, 2022

Problem with frozen tabs

A completely white screen (without the name of the tab), when you click on it nothing happens. I have to press the "go back" button (the arrow in the browser). Also favicon instead of semi-transparent original began to become a favicon of your extension. Please advise how to fix it.


Aug 4, 2022

Suspended tabs no longer show what website they are and have trouble unsuspending

I'm not sure if Chrome updated without me noticing, but this plugin seems to be broken. Instead of showing the favicon of the website that's being suspended, it now only shows the marvelous suspender icon for everything. I get a blank window when I click on a tab. I've been able to get it to unsuspend by either double clicking or refreshing the page, but it takes a lot longer than usual and often feels like it won't work at all. Will be stopping the suspension until this is fixed since I have a lot of tabs I'd rather not lose. Looking forward to a fix.

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