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The Smart AI Writing Software for Text Improvement

For everyone who writes, with people and goals in mind. Your custom made platform for text optimization, with smart AI writing software. Textmetrics customizes the platform for every customer. Which means: ✔️ Your own tone of voice is implemented ✔️ Your own SEO rules ✔️ Your own branding and employer branding And everything else you need to write all texts in the highest quality. Everything you need in one platform, with all kinds of plugins and integrations to make sure you can use Textmetrics everywhere you write. The Features ✍️ Inclusive Writing - make every reader feel included. ✔️ Gender-inclusive language ✔️ Non-discriminatory language ✔️ D&I Guidelines ⚡ Consistent High Quality - Make sure all written communication is consistent and unified. ✔️ Your tone of voice ✔️ Your SEO rules ✔️ Your branding 🖊️ Understandable writing - Make sure your text is not too difficult to read and speak to your complete target audience. ✔️ The B1 language level ✔️ Translate your text to any language ✔️ Write without mistakes Is it Free? You can request a free test version of the software on the website of Textmetrics. For a custom made platform a paid subscription is needed. Pricing depends on usage and organization size. We are happy to look together with you for the best pricing that fits your needs - Get in touch! How does it work? Download the free Textmetrics plugin for Chrome. Log in with your Textmetrics account. Do you not have an account yet? Contact Textmetrics for more info. The extension will read along, analyze the text, and provide real-time improvement suggestions, including inclusive writing, preventing biases, and many more.

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    12 juli 2024
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    Oude Oeverstraat 120 Arnhem 6811 JZ NL
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    Deze ontwikkelaar heeft zichzelf aangeduid als handelaar, in overeenstemming met de definitie van de Europese Unie.


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