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lukesubuntu 1

Jun 13, 2017

does not work via ajax

does not work via ajax or wordpress just tried and doesnt change anything

Сергей Кравченко

Apr 8, 2017

Ajax loaded textareas

the extension does not work with textareas loaded using ajax

A Chrome Web Store user

Nov 1, 2016

Add New Languages

Hi Vladimir,
Great job with this extension. It works great.
Can you let me know if it's possible to add new languages? My application has a kind of meta-language based on .NET that would be great to have in the tool.

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 20, 2016


HTML indentation would be nice.

Ryan Stark

Jan 30, 2015

makes text field larger than my display

The code editor text field is very tall and not re-sizable; so I have to scroll the page AND the text field to see all of the code. Double scrolling is very awkward.

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