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Autonomous SpiritMay 2, 2024

Data Loss - Which end?

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Mimi RoseMay 2, 2024

Not the best QOL, at all, compared to anything else you could get for free. Could be an alright little word processor if they had put the effort in, though seeing as it's a program shipped out of the box on things such as Chromebooks; they didn't have a need to put it up to the standards of Google's code, writing, and so on under the assumption they'll have say a internet connection and docs for example. The programs is laughable compared to their other full featured editor, Sublime text, wh... Show more

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javasript.var{function}appendchild.scriptApr 24, 2024

Works perfectly, I do hear peoples' comments about no auto save but this is not a problem for me personally and I think that Text is a good app for any type of coding project or writing assignment.

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Basir WahediMar 13, 2024

5 stars it's a good one!!!

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Amanda BMar 11, 2024

I 1000% have to agree with Jim, NO AUTO-SAVE!!!! I've had no issue with this until now I've been using constantly because it is a great text editor. I spent an entire day on 1 assignment, and was so glad to have it finally done, but I was so tired I forgot to plug my laptop in, you can only imagine how devastated I was, still kind of am. No auto save is an absolute deal breaker w/ ADHD remembering little things like that I'm oblivious to, especially when it's part of every other writing app. ... Show more

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Jim Brid574 (JB)Feb 28, 2024

Very good basic text editor with one major flaw, *****no auto save******

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Oliver FamilyFeb 10, 2024

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Can use it to edit or make MANIFEST.json files

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oreoJan 29, 2024

I really like this editor but one issue ruins my experience everytime, and that is, this app never ever goes out of floating mode, its annoying, whenever you click on another app to change your focus and work over there, THIS APP STAYS OVER THEM, and wont go until i minimise it or drag it awayyy!!... I hope this wont be the issue with its webapp version (isee chromeapps are going away :'I )

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Sara LeannJan 27, 2024

Why is this extentsion downloaded on my brand new laptop????? I dont even know what it means or does, please!!! My EX has been stalking me for so long and I'm hoping he hasnt found another way!!

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Davyd FordJan 22, 2024

Can't find any settings that allow it to open a new file when starting up, it keeps opening the last file edited, (very annoying).

7 out of 9 found this helpful
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