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Apr 14, 2024

Suggestions for further improving user experience

I have the following suggestions to further improve user experience:

(i) Ability to open the minimized widget by merely pointing the cursor at it, instead of the need to click on it;

(ii) Ability to zoom in/out using the mouse scroll button, instead of the need to click followed by drag and drop (to move the slider)


Jan 10, 2022

save settings for 2-nd level domain only

Theoretically it's possible that 3+ level domains would have the different sites and chrome users would like to have the different settings for them but on practice I think this is not very probably and in most cases users wish to have same ones. For example for wikipedia's different languages:


Jan 10, 2022

key simplification & customization

currently in to increase font size I press alt-Shift-<plus> and to decrease I press alt-<minus> that is a kind of confusing (because of partial shift).

It would be great to
1) as minimum - to avoid pressing "shift" (so in fact keys would be alt-<minus> and alt-=)
2) ideally - to make the keys to be customizable at "manage extensions -> keyboard shortcuts"


Jan 10, 2022

Add option to increase MINIMUM font size

some sites had normal font sizes for headers but too small plain text. Currently extension increases all fonts so plain text becomes to be normal but header too big the same time.

So it would be great to have something similar to google chrome option "apperance -> customize -> minimum font size" with key regulate ability but global, not per site.

PS thank you for the great extension!

Charlie Kreitzberg

Aug 16, 2021

Is the Pro version available?

Somewhere i saw mention of a "Pro" version that lets you save zoom for specific URLs. Is it available?




Unknown Quantity

Mar 15, 2021

BUG -- ALT+ does NOT work to increase text size

The hotkey combination ALT + does NOT work. The other ALT hotkey combinations do work. Right now, in Increase text size I have to use the widget controls to increase text size. Since increase text font size on a webpage is the most important function of your addon, this is a serious bug with a very unsuitable work-around.

Perhaps some regression error was introduced in a recent release, as I can't imagine the most important hotkey combination *never* worked. And, it seems like a simple bug to fix.

Thimo Hofner

Aug 9, 2019

Wie kann ich das Widget kleiner machen?

Manchmal kann es stören, wenn am linken Rand das Widget einblendet. Daher die Frage, wie man dieses kleiner machen kann?

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