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Robby Stewart

Oct 15, 2023

Could you add function to convert a string of numbers into a phone number format?

so 8005851212 would become 800-585-1212?


Mar 23, 2023

Suggestion: Save regex rules

A suggestion to save regex rules, like repetitive regex replace rules that users can save to not having to write those (complex) regex rules each time again. Would be very great to have that option!

Deanna Goldberg

May 18, 2022

No Longer Auto-Populates from my Clipboard

Used to be, if I copied something I could click on Text Tools and it would automatically display my copied text ready for modification. Now it no longer does that and I have to paste it into the extension in order to use it. I tried un/re-installing but no improvement.

Robby Stewart

Jan 18, 2022

Phone number format

Would you be able to add Phone Number Format? I'm mainly interested in the US format. xxxxxxxxx would become xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Remy Asensio

May 6, 2020

Adding bullet points to each text line?


I’m trying your Text Tools extension and it seems quite useful.
Question: is there a way to add a specific bullet point “▪ “ (square + space) at the start of each line of my selected text?
If so, that would be awesome and save me tons of time!



▪ Line1
▪ Line2
▪ Line3

Thanks in advance for your help


August Mohr

Apr 21, 2020

Bugs in formatting of numbered result

I just tried it to add line numbers to a block of sample code, and it added the numbers just fine. However, two faults make it less than useful for me.

Minor: The first 9 numbers are flush left, which means I have to go into those 9 lines and add a space to them so that the resulting code displays properly. It would be nice to have that as an option. I can work around this.

Major: All internal formatting of the lines is lost. I've already run the code through the either the Code Blocks extension or through the tool at and all the internal font changes to identify function names, variables, strings, comments, etc. gets lost. And I cannot run the text through the highlighter after numbering becuase the numbers interfere with the syntax recognition. I assume that the numbering tool would also lose the formatting on generic text lines so you'd have to manually restore italic text, etc. Sorry, that makes this Totally Unusable.

Please fix. Thanks.

David Delma

Mar 6, 2020

Line break

How do I replace line breaks with space?

A Chrome Web Store user

May 17, 2018

strike out

I am looking for a strike-out function that uses a diagonal line. Does your extension do this?

Alex S

Dec 21, 2017

New version

Can you hand-make a feature like this
Description - inserting the text you'll get an underlined text.
There are also other variations

Sergey Melnik

Nov 21, 2017

Remember the last selection?

I think it would be nice to remember the last function selected from the drop down, so if same one is used often it would be conveniently pre-selected.

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