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Feb 17, 2024

Suggestions to Further Improve User Experience

(i) Though paragraph highlighting is available, highlighting of words being read would be of great help.

(ii) An "Options/Settings" that provides, for example, a choice to change the colour for text highlighting from the current glaring bright yellow would be a welcome addition.

(iii) Unlike most other text-to-speech extensions, there is no option to read selected text via right click context menu.

(iv) At times the pause/play button doesn't respond well, and it sometimes skips reading some paragraphs, or even stops reading midway. This needs to be looked into.

This extension hasn't been updated since 2021. I hope the developers of this extension will continue to improve it, and not abandon it.

Tasha Chan

May 21, 2020

settings function difficulties....

i would like the tts to read a bit slower, however when i go to the settings to toggle the speed (or any other feature for that matter) in the free section, it does not lock and i am unable to fully enjoy this software... i've tried several times to adjust these settings and i'm not sure if this is just a limited setting or if im just going about this incorrectly... please get back to me if you can on this issue, your help would be greatly appreciated.

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