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dr.fmaafm.cssp.muhammadkashifuddin qureshi (kingshearshahshorey-gov)

Apr 18, 2023

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arturo mino

May 26, 2022

necesito ayuda

Ya no puedo descargar los audios, aunque le doy clic no haca nada, pero el botón de borrar funciona normal

Theresa Martin

Aug 29, 2021


When I try to add my Art textbook, it tells me there is no text. I need help.


Aug 3, 2021

interested in buying


I am Salik from London. Very interested in buying this extension! Are you open to offers?

Mii Hop

Mar 20, 2021

Can you implement Captions? Also intelligenter speaker translate English Web Page to Japanese and Read Japanese?

Can you implement Captions? Also intelligenter speaker can add English Web Page and it translates to Japanese and Reads Japanese?

Shey Alegre

Jan 26, 2021

No lee desde el principio

Me esta pasando que con algunos links no lee los capitulos desde el principio, si no de forma al azar. ¿como podria hacer para que leea desde el principio de la pagina? gracias

Catherine Y Davison

Jan 16, 2021

Cancel my subscription

Have been trying for 2 months to find a way to cancel my subscription with no success. Please somebody help!!! 1-15-21

Jc Legrand

Aug 6, 2020

modifier la date et l'heure

ce pc n'est pas a la date et a l'heure

Yehuda Bergman

May 18, 2020

installing this app

i searched for apps that don't require google and this was 1 of them but when i clicked install it sent me to a bunch of your other apps that did require google please help me

Medicine Wolf

Apr 26, 2020

Speaker issues

I would purchase this product but it keeps wanting to play the default female speaker, even after I change it to Brian the UK voice, I exit and go back in and it shows that the speak should be Brian but it keeps playing the female speaker.

Also if you could add an American voice of an older man, with some grit and character to his voice, that would be really exceptional, not everyone wants a chirpy young person's voice. Imagine trying to listen to the text of a Hemingway or Cormac McCarthy book.

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