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wolfgang lawrence

Jan 1, 2023

extension kills chroma in chrome browser for most of 2022; turning it off fixed the problem.

problem, extension causes chroma problem aka kills chroma in chrome browser for most of 2022. had to turn them off one at a time to pinpoint the violating extension. i'm logging this to help coders figure out why and fix in an update.

Vaughan Johnston

Nov 3, 2022

Feature Request: Whitelist

Hey there, I absolutely love this extension :) Thanks for working on it. I would love to be able whitelist specific websites. Anyway thanks again.

Mallikarjun 99

Apr 1, 2020


Does this extension stops the images from loading or it replaces with a white box and still loads the image in the background..
Is it meant to save data by not loading images and colors

Андрей Б.

Dec 17, 2019

Не работает

Страницы перезагрузил, ничего не изменилось. Версия Google Chrome 49.0.2623.112.

dues zub

Nov 10, 2019

i love it

wonderful plugin

Paul-luuk Profijt

Mar 5, 2018


It would be really great if I could also automatically replace the font of any website to be a plain, easy to read font.

Ray Linville

Jan 22, 2018

Javascript errors

This extension was causing constant javascript errors on a site I use for work, even though I never clicked the button to use Text Mode on that site. Had to disable it since even at rest it's crippling my productivity. Sorry.

S Ira Grossman

Dec 6, 2017

Blocks Images when enabled

Through a process of elimination I determined that when this extension is enabled in Chrome images are greyed out.

A Chrome Web Store user

Nov 21, 2017

왜 설치했는데 앱에없음??

제가이어플 쓸려고 설치를했는데
설치완료 추가됨 써저있는데

saeed serpooshan

Sep 24, 2017

don't reload page when change text mode on/off

it is not required to reload the page automatically when user changes text-mode on or off. He could do it if he want with chrome reload (F5) button. this cause unnecessary loads... thanks

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