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Christopher C

Jun 6, 2021

New feature!

Be able to make your own emoticons and save them!


Aug 3, 2018

Adding Emotes

I think it would be nice if we could have the option to add emotes of our own. I like the ones provided, but there's still a few that I use frequently that aren't on here that I have to use other extensions for.

Kexin Huang

Dec 30, 2017

Favorites/Used Most Often

Looking at the date, I doubt you're still developing this extension and this is likely the final product. It's nice, but a frequently used tab would be great.


Jul 4, 2015


Возможность самому пользователю добавить какой-либо символ в уже существующую коллекцию просто необходима ! А так же нужна отдельная вкладка "Избранное" или "Любимые", где будут находиться самые используемые пользователем символы !

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