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Sebastian Ørsted

Mar 15, 2021

Super- and subscripts sometimes vanish

If I set the extension to also replace super- and subscripts, these indices usually just vanish completely, unless it is something very simple like _1, _0, etc.

Sebastian Ørsted

Mar 15, 2021

Weird bugs

If I press Alt + W, the TeX is replaced by unicode, as expected. But if I don’t press the space bar immediately afterwards, it sometimes changes back to TeX when I type another character. Also, if I do press space, the cursor is moved a couple of steps backwards in hte text. It is very confusing.

Jimmy Yeh

Nov 28, 2020

What should a mac user type?

as title...

Nate Kindt

Jun 29, 2018

Google Docs

Have you looked into making this work with Google Docs? It's been a while since I worked with javascript but if you point me in the right direction maybe I could help add that feature. It would let me take notes way faster in my math classes than using the limited Google Equation Editor shortcuts that are available.

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