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william odinsson mandrake Houx

Oct 23, 2023

How to parse a piecewise function in Gmail ?

$f(y_{1},y_{2})= \begin{cases}
& \text{ 1}\,\,\, 0\leq y_{1}\leq 2,\, 0 \leq y_{2}\leq 1, \, 2y_{2}\leq y_{1}\\
& \text{ 0 }\,\,\, otherwise

Arnaldo Mandel

Dec 20, 2022

TeX menu option disappeared

As of this week, the menu item for the extension within the drop down menu for a gmail message has disappeared.

Arturo Portnoy

Dec 20, 2022

Does it work with Google Chat?

I read your extension works with Google Chat (it said it was a bit quirky), but I can't get it to work. Does it? Thanks.

Narayana Santhanam

Dec 20, 2022

Images properly displayed in draft, lost when email sent

I have been using this incredibly useful tool for a few months with no issues. Now, all of a sudden, I have a weird problem where the inline images are generated as normal (and displayed properly in the draft)---yet, when I send the email, the images get lost (neither the email in the sent folder nor the recipient see the images). Instead of the images, it is just a blank space (in both the sent folder and for the recipient). I am using rich math, the issue persists with both Codecogs and Wordpress servers, whether I use continuous TeX or whether I TeX the email once at the end. Many thanks!

Chris Henderson

Jan 18, 2022

Button disappeared

Without provocation (I did not do anything as far as I can tell), the tex button (the one you press to make the latex "compile") disappeared. I have tried a number of things to get it back -- removing and re-adding the extension, restarting my computer, clearing the cache.

If I helps, I am using an iMac with Google chrome.

Albert Jarvis

Aug 31, 2021

Tex in Gmail blurry in chrome

I noticed that Tex in Gmail looks somewhat blurry (inline looks worse) when I view it in chrome but looks fine when viewing it in firefox. Do you have any idea why this might be and if there is any solution? Thank you.

Dave Doty

Sep 19, 2020

remove two invisible whitespace symbols after expression in simple mode

When creating a LaTeX expression in simple mode, two invisible whitespace symbols are inserted at the end of the expression. It would simplify editing post-pressing-F9 to strip these symbols out automatically.

Dave Doty

Sep 19, 2020

italicize only variable names

It would be great it one could specify that only variable names are italicized in simple math. The default "Font for Simple math, composing an email" is


which leads to all symbols italicized, including operators such as { } ⊆ and numeric literals such as 1 2 3. One can remove "font-style:italic;" to unitalicize everything, but it's nice if variables only remain italicized. For example for a_1 = b, the "a" and "b" should be italicized, but not the "1" or the "=".

Not sure how straightforward that would be to implement. Even a simple heuristic such as "italicize Roman and Greek letters, and nothing else" would be really nice.

José Gustavo Coelho

Jun 24, 2020

Expression will not parse

This won't parse, no matter if i rewrite it close chrome and open it again.
$\alpha = \alpha_0 + \alpha_1 \tau$
But this will
$\alpha = \alpha_{0} + \alpha_{1} \tau$
The former parses without problem in regular latex. So i guess there is a problem with indexes in greek letters?

Damien Sutevski

Jun 20, 2020


Possible to get this syntax added too?

: )

This seems like it is going to be sooo useful.

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