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David Lambert

Mar 30, 2021


How do I update the extension. It reports that a newer version is available but I can't find a ay to Update it.

Monk Livelong

Sep 20, 2020

Stop addon from making my PC beep

I don't see a way to stop this addon from making my computer beep (without disabling the default beep for everything). Can this be done?

Mike Zarroli

Feb 6, 2020

What the extension does.

Before pushing the button to add ToSDR one of the things that it states that it does is "read your browser history." Why is it necessary to do that?

Michael G

Jan 4, 2020

Why is arbitration a bad thing?

Why is it that if a company forces arbitration, it results in it being a bad thing? If the arbitration company has a record of unfairly picking winners and losers that's one thing, however, i believe you guys should reevaluate that criteria.

vriska serket

May 26, 2018

Won't show anything

When I click on the extension icon, it does nothing. The extension icon is grey.

Mark Wagie

Apr 20, 2018


This hasn't been updated in almost 4 years. Useless and obsolete.

Dave Land

Mar 3, 2016

Chrome update breaks ToS;DR

The latest Google Chrome update (after 48.0.2564.116) no longer allows extensions to put icons in the location bar, which removes so of ToS;DR's functionality.

A Chrome Web Store user

Jul 17, 2015

Pre-fed info or real time?

Pre-fed info or real time?

Chakotay Miller

Nov 22, 2014


Every time i try to add extension it says network error :(

Fayyaadh Razak

Sep 8, 2014

No rating appearing in the address bar

I downloaded the extension, but it does nothing. I don't know the cause of this issue, but I would like for it to be fixed. Please fix it soon. The extension is great, but I currently am unable to use it.

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