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Larry Canale

Sep 22, 2023


Does Tellyprompt no longer work? I downloaded the newest version of Chrome, but the app simply won't launch.

Ashok Marde

Sep 6, 2023

not working

not working

Frank Gorora

Aug 5, 2023

Stopped Working

Why does the program fail to launch? Is there and update?

MJHS WBNN Channel 9 News

Jul 24, 2023

Tellyprompt no longer working in Chrome updates

Google has kileld support for Tellyprompt on newer versions of Chorme. Is there any possibility of an update?

Kirk Bread

Dec 17, 2022


Hi ! I would like to continue using this app because I am a teacher. How can I update this app after December 2022 ? If not,is there another similar app ?

Kirk Bread

Sep 24, 2022


recebi uma informação de que a extensão do tellyprompt no Chrome terminara em dezembro 2022 . O que posso fazer para atualizar o tellyprompt ?

Eduarda Kury

Jul 25, 2022

Bug on setting button

I Click on setting button but nothing happens

Envisuals Autocue

Jul 4, 2022

Can't access Settings

When I click on the "settings" button, it won't open the settings. Is there a way I can fix this? Thank you!

Brandon Gilbertson

Feb 22, 2022

Student Privacy

Hi. Does your TellyPrompt Chrome extension collect Personally Identifiable Information?

Lorenzo Spagliardi

Feb 17, 2022

Fantastic tool! but ...

I want to congratulate you on the instrument,
however if it had the possibility to import the .pdf files edited with different colors, fonts in order to make them scroll and simplify the reading to the person or to the different people reading it would be really TOP! .... Congratulations anyway for the double screen sync ! Well done!

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