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Michael Parmeter Sr.

Nov 13, 2023

Video will not play

I just started with this program. I did a quick video. I have everything set up. Recorded the video. It said everything is uploaded. I can't get the video to play in viewing. When I hit play, the logo is flashing in the middle of the screen. Am I missing something?

Lorna Torres Design

May 30, 2023

Share a video with power point

Hi I have recorded the video Now proceed to add the power point to the video. my computer has chrome installed but i can't join the power point with my video can you help me? Thank you

Isabelle Mallet

Jan 30, 2023

Importing videos shot with Iphone


Can I import videos recorded with my Iphone or external camera ? The image from my webcam is not so great, I am looking for a better quality.
Thanks !

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