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The easiest way to share and manage bookmarks and websites across a team

TeamSync Bookmarks is the easiest way to manage and share bookmarks within companies, departments, and teams. Share, manage, and sync anything with a URL in shared TeamSync Bookmark groups with employees, co-workers, teammates, and customers. This is a great tool for on-boarding new team members, sharing frequently-used research websites, and ensuring team-wide awareness of online tools and research sources. How can you use TeamSync Bookmarks? Here is how some people are using it * Make onboarding new hires easier by placing HR resources in one folder to reference in the future * Keep team members current with new tools and sites by immediately sharing it with them in their browser * Organize your wiki with TeamSync so everyone has faster access to the most relevant information * Ensure that your sales team has the newest marketing content to help you close more deals * Iterate more efficiently by ensuring that your team has the most recent feedback, stories, and repositories * Provide your clients and creative team a dedicated folder to easily access their project * Organize the documents, case studies, and URLs your team will use for your capstone project See the different use cases here: Features -- Enable notifications so that you know when new bookmarks are added to the group -- Have multiple group folders that you can share with different employees and team members -- Share bookmarks in real-time, just like an instant message -- Turn on an admin capability so you are the only one who can add or delete bookmarks -- Easily add friends and team members to shared bookmark folders -- Have up to four members in free groups. Need more than that, get the Enterprise plan -- (Paid) Manage member permissions on an individual level and see who has accepted your invitations -- (Paid) Back up your shared bookmarks on an automated daily basis or manually Privacy Policy- Admin dashboard (Beta) - Pricing - Firefox version: TeamSync Bookmarks is actively being developed. Learn more about the extension at 1.512 (20220217) Fix crashes and other errors. Streamline Enterprise experience. 1.511 (20211204) Fixed permission issues for Enterprise Plan users. Fixed bug showing notifications upon sign up if the user already existed. 1.509 (20211201) Users were not able to see the shared group when logging in the extension. 1.508 (20211118) Fixed card payments and improved security. 1.505 (20210910) Improved syncing logic. 1.504 (20210805) Added ability to force sync. 1.500 (20210702) Bug fixes. More reliable syncs. 1.4201 (20210116): Bug fixes 1.419 (20200430): Fixed issue where loading took a long time during initial login 1.418 (20200426): Added a new role 'Editor,' which allows a user to edit bookmarks but not add users 1.417 (20200413): Bug fixes, updated colors on the UI, added new T&C and Privacy 1.416 (20200112): Bug fixes; added beta Admin Dashboard 1.415: Fixed major syncing issue!!!! 1.414 (20190616): Updated issue when multiple groups existed 1.413 (20190504): Added local storage for bookmarks 1.412 (20190407): Fixed issue with group rename; updated error messages 1.411 (20190322): Fixed issue with notifications 1.410 (20190318): Fixed issue that some users had with updating their credit card 1.409 (20190317): Added back "more than three bookmarks deleted" warning 1.408 (20190313): Bug fixes; removed "More than three bookmarks deleted" warning 1.407 (20190306): Updated debug code 1.406 (20190301): Added uninstall survey, added debug code 1.405 (20190218): Fixed issue where some user folders weren't updating 1.404 (20190214): Fixed issue that was causing some user to loose bookmarks 1.403 (20190201): Enabled change group name 1.402 (20190122): Fixed but that caused some users to get -1, -2, -n... issue 1.401 (20190108): Fixed bug that caused TSB to crash when downloading 2000+ bookmarks; optimized bookmark syncing 1.400 (20190106): Remove Join option due to users auto-joining; Updated for new database structure 1.334 (20181225): Turned on auto-accept of invitations 1.333 (20181212): Added Google login for returning users 1.332 (20181030): Fix issues with bookmarks saving to wrong folder in some cases; enabled 'Creators' to remove pending users; removed Google login from badge 1.331 (20181010): Change your group name; bug fixes v.1.320 (20180311): Updated to force one TSB instance logged in at a time to prevent duplicate bookmarks caused by Chrome sync; listed group name when deleting/leaving a group 1.319 (20180227): Updated user flow for inviting new users 1.318 (20180225): Enabled notifications automatically when joining new groups; removed Google sign-up option 1.317 (Updated on-boarding workflow 1.316 (Notifications added --> enable / disable notifications under Bookmark Settings in your Shared Bookmark settings 1.315: Bug fixes 1.314: Free tier group creators can now see which users have accepted invitations as well as remove users from their group 1.311: Updated analytics 1.310: Added automated email invitations 1.309: Removed uglify 1.308: Updated payment workflow; update bookmark settings UI; updated analytics 1.307: Fixed bug where TSB didn't sync when 'Other bookmarks' didn't exist 1.306: Added download button to manually sync folder 1.305: Updated workflow for folks who've tried a plan 1.304: Increased Team Plan to up to 20 members; added instructions for enterprise plans 1.303: Fixed sign-in badge on icon 1.302: Updated login page; added a way to recover password; added notification to guard against accidentally deleting bookmarks 1.301: Updated plan descriptions 1.300: Added new features and paid plan 1.231: Built out a bug collection feature. Enabled by right-clicking on the TeamSync Bookmarks icon 1.230: Fixed bug caused by updated GA code 1.229: Updated GA code 1.228: Fixed bug with Slack notifications for certain users 1.227: Fixed bug where bookmark titles do not update when user changes them 1.226: Fixed bug for Slack integration 1.225: Updated redirect to Slack integration success page during installation 1.224: Updated old links 1.223: Added options page for new Slack integration 1.220: Updated password encryption for newly generated passwords; added invitation code to invites instead of password, updated fix for duplication of folders when user is logged into the same Chrome account on two separate machines 1.219: Bug fix 1.218: Added ability to edit/add passwords to groups and change group permissions 1.217: Added ability to quit or delete TeamSync Folders 1.216: Fixed issue where folder moves when a bookmark is added 1.215: Bug fixes 1.214: Bug fixes 1.212: Changed invite icon 1.211: No longer automatically opens instructions page 1.210: Bug fix, specifically for duplicate folder issue 1.209: Bug fixes 1.205: UI Updates; Analytics updates 1.204: Created the ability to sign up with email 1.203: Bug fix 1.202: Bug fix 1.201: Bug fix 1.200: Added invitation capability 1.154: UI updates 1.155: UI updates, fix click transition 1.516: bug fix

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Steven StimsonNov 27, 2023

Worked for a couple of years and then deleted all of the bookmarks that is should have been syncing. Attempted to get support - never got ANY. Then tried to start from scratch again - but could only get it running on 4 machines - all others say pending. Again opened another ticket - weeks later still no response. If you go with it you basically need to assume that there is no support. I had paid for my version so expected some type of response.

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AnorfwaelNov 10, 2023

Sync problem deleted more than 30 book marks at 1st sync between 2 users. Nice thanks !

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Riccardo MutiDec 12, 2022

Sadly the app does not work to sync bookmarks across different PCs. The devs appear aware of this (serious) limitation but say they've no idea how to fix it. Happy to upgrade this rating when this app finally does what it is expected to do.

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    October 13, 2023
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    English (United States)
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    Charli AI
    1090 Homer St Vancouver, BC V6B 2W9 CA
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    This developer has identified itself as a trader per the definition from the European Union.


TeamSync Bookmarks has disclosed the following information regarding the collection and usage of your data. More detailed information can be found in the developer's privacy policy.

TeamSync Bookmarks handles the following:

Personally identifiable information
Authentication information
User activity
Website content

This developer declares that your data is

  • Not being sold to third parties, outside of the approved use cases
  • Not being used or transferred for purposes that are unrelated to the item's core functionality
  • Not being used or transferred to determine creditworthiness or for lending purposes


For help with questions, suggestions, or problems, visit the developer's support site

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