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Jason Salinas

Apr 26, 2022

Google Calendar Working location

Is there a way to see the Google working location on the TeamCal?

Michael Lynch

Feb 3, 2020

Annual View

Is there a way to view my calendars for more than the 3 month view? Looking for an annual view option..

A Chrome Web Store user

Nov 12, 2018

Show only Free/Busy


Is it possible to adjust the settings so that a calendar will only show free/busy instead of full appointment details. I would need this to apply to all calendars on a particular TV board, including ones which have shared full details with the calendar creator.


Josh Lawson

Nov 12, 2018

Mobile version

Is there an Android version for TeamCal? How would I use it on the go?

Joe Benson

Oct 2, 2018

Calendar Colours

I've noticed the calendar colours don't match the Google Calendar colours and they seem pretty random. Is there any way to control the colours of the calendars in TeamCal? A great add-on but would like some way to control the colours.

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