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Thristin GauchéOct 19, 2021

why why

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Ashley DrewesJan 27, 2021

NOT FREE! Only a 'free trial' which doesn't even fully work. Misleading and poorly done!

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change wafflecopterJun 27, 2020

long ended

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Eric WatersJan 4, 2020

The extension description page is deceptive; it claims that the basic service can be used for free, but it's actually only a 7 day trial. What's more (and worse, really), is that the trial is restricted to English only, and only provides summaries rather than reading full articles. Even the paid plans are kind of a rip - apparently there's something called "credits" that are the only difference between the two paid tiers, but no obvious explanation what "credits" are for, so it's not easy to... Show more

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La PoubelleJan 3, 2020

I couldn't get it to work??? At all???? At first I thought it was because I didn't have an account, so I made one. Then I thought it was just the website I was on, so I went to a different one. Then I thought maybe I just have to press an extra button to start the audio or something, because it did convert the website into the minimalist-style that is advertises, so I came here to see if there was anything in the reviews and apparently it's just not functional at all without money? Usually wi... Show more

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Mickel AnderssonDeveloperJan 4, 2020

Hi there, The extension can be used as a readability view for free, without an account. It will strip sites from ads and show only the text body in a view optimized for reading. If you'd like to use the audio features (listen to websites as podcasts), a payed membership is required. There's a 7 day limited free trial active on all new accounts, no credit card required. This information is printed in big letters during the onboarding guide visible to all new users, and on the pricing page at and in the FAQs at Reach out via if you need any help getting started, I'd be happy to assist!

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ErinDec 30, 2019

I got to the website and realized I couldn't test it or watch a video of it working. Then I closed the window and came here. I am not willing to make an account every time I want to try someone. I'm looking forward to trying it once it's more accessible. Then I have no problem making an account. Good day fine sirs. Edit: changing from 3 to ZERO. I accidently made an account, tried it and FOUND OUT I COULDN'T USE IT WITHOUT PAYING. Otherwise, it seems like really good tool!

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Mickel AnderssonDeveloperJan 1, 2020

Hi Em, There are audio samples on the website, no login required. It's been like that since I launched the site in March, 2019. I will try to make this more visible, in case you missed it. There's a limited free trial (as the landing page says), so you can try all features of the app for free, for 7 days, no credit card required... you can even use a junk email address if you'd like, I don't care. I spent weekends and evenings building this on my spare time, while working full-time at another company. To build something like this myself I had to learn a wide combination of skills, such as graphic design, web development, programming and more. Free stuff online is great, but complaining about having to pay for something is just not very productive. Do you not expect to get payed for the work you do? If I were to give it all away for free, not only would I have done all that work for free, but also I would loose money, as I in turn have to pay for the cloud services that TAYL is build upon (money mostly going to Google). Good day to you as well, fine Internet person :)

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John MartinOct 22, 2019

Not free at all. Not even for a trial.

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Mickel AnderssonDeveloperOct 23, 2019

Hi John, sorry for the confusion. This extension can be used for free as a readability view, which many of our users do. You can activate a 7 day free trial by signing up for free (no credit card required) at, but it's limited to English language and will summarize your articles using A.I. I'd be happy to help you out with the free trial, just email me using the support tab in Google Chrome Web Store or from

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