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1. Download It For Free! The best things in life are free, don’t you think so? Downloading a TaxiPlus doesn’t cost you anything,…

1. Download It For Free! The best things in life are free, don’t you think so? Downloading a TaxiPlus doesn’t cost you anything, but having it makes a world’s difference in regards to convenience. If you don’t like the app, you can always choose to remove it without any consequences. 2. No More Waiting On the Phone During a hectic day, attempting to catch cab can become a hassle. With a TaxiPlus, you don’t need to worry about calling in and being put on hold for what seems like forever. With just few clicks, a TaxiPlus saves you time. Instead of calling for a taxi, the app places you with a cab instantaneously. 3. No More Chasing Down a Taxi Along with saving time comes the advantage of not needing to flag down a cab. Admit it, how many times have you ran after a cab only to have it taken by someone else? Frustrating isn’t it? With a TaxiPlus, you receive a confirmation number and are guaranteed a taxi and you don’t have to wait out in the cold. 4. No Money on Hand? No Worries! When you use a TaxiPlus, there’s no hassle of making payments right away. Filter and display taxi that accepts credit cards, your transaction is made just like in store. It eliminates the need of bringing cash or a card with you, so riding a cab simply becomes you just entering and exiting a taxi. 5. Know Your Fare Cost Before You Book If you’re stuck choosing between the use of public transportation or a taxi service, normally, price is a determining factor. Many people ask themselves “Should I take a cab because the time saved is worth the cost?” One convenient feature of a taxi app is a fare estimate is calculated from your selected destinations. So at least you’ll be sure about the cost of the ride before you choose your final option! 6. Reviews Are Everyone’s Best Friend To maintain the high quality of a taxi service, a taxi app allows you to rate your ride afterwards. Before selecting a cab, you can be reassured of excellent service by reading ratings.. By providing rating, you’re ensuring good drivers for yourself and other people. Available for: Belgrade Novi Sad Nis Kragujevac Zagreb Sarajevo Skopje

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