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Anna Cominazzini

Nov 10, 2020

Advice message - Server problem

"Fetching Server data
This might take a moment. Do not close

There seems to be a problem with the server connection. Make sure that the server address you entered was correct and that your device is connected to the internet".

All is ok with my connection but how can I solve it? I can't work now with Taxinomos!
Best regards

Anna Cominazzini

Nov 10, 2020

Blank page after I Submitted Confidence-Level

After I choosen a confidence level appear a blank page but without website content.
I dont't sure that Taxinomos register my results...

How can I solve?

Best regards

Roberta Zanchi

Jun 23, 2020

clic a vuoto sulle stelline

quando clicco sulle stelline spesso il comando non viene registrato e la pagina si aggiorna a una pagina blank senza sottopormi il sito successivo.

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