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Cid Gonzales

Aug 9, 2022

Extension Needs to Reload Every 1 Minute

Ever since my Google Chrome updated, Taskade seems to need to reload every 1 minute and I have to reload it via the extension settings. Is there a way to fix this?

Pablo Pratolongo

Sep 15, 2021

Add as Project

It would be great to add sites as projects (and be able to pick a template) from the Chrome extension.


May 8, 2021


this app needs to optimized for android phones.

Anderson Marsh

May 8, 2021

2-Way Google Calendar Sync

I've followed the steps outlined but I can't get my goggle calendar to populate my taskade calendar, please help?

Michele Reolon

Oct 2, 2020

possible personalizations

We are a small team very satisfied with Taskade features. However we would wish a couple of personalisations:
1) permit the input/track of the hours/days spent by a team member on a certain project/activity and export these data to a local file;
2) Create a folder on our server when opening a new project
Woud it be possible to chat and discuss these extensions?
Michele - Italy

Rohandeep Singh

Sep 23, 2020

unindent (shift + tab) not working on the chrome extension

Shift + tab is not unindenting lines. I have tried using the both keyboard keys and the application button and nothing happens. I have tried refreshing chrome multiple times, but still doesn't work.

F.S Mirbagheri

Jul 13, 2020


سلام من این افزایه را دانلود کردم اما پس از باز کردن آن دیگر نتوانستم آن را ببندم و با هر بار باز کردن برنامه ی کروم این صفحه برای من باز میشود. چه کار کنم؟

Meredith Rose

Jul 13, 2020

Font Customization

Is there or will there soon be an option to change the font of the display? Everything else is great besides that. Love the versatility of the app!

Alina Zhuravel

Jun 8, 2020

Horrible emoticons

First, I displayed beautiful emoticons. I made a beautiful template for myself. And only a hundred downloaded this application from another operating system and they are displayed just awful. The template that I insisted for a long time now has become terribly ugly. This barter is very upset. Now I am very sad :(

Toni McNeil

May 22, 2020

"Undo" Option

I am working on a project and inadvertently delete the wrong line item that had several bullets following it. Is there any way to undo that error.

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