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Don't hog the meeting! Talk-o-meter adds an indicator to Google Meet to track, rank and compare how much you speak in meetings.

Ever been told you speak too much in meetings? Or maybe you're as quiet as a mouse? 🙊 Whether your mouth’s too big or too small, Talk-o-meter is here to help. It's a simple concept - track and compare how much you and others talk in Google Meet.🗣️ How to use: ✓ Install the Extension ✓ In your next Google Meet conference, you'll see some talk statistics ✓ Try to keep your talk time close to the group average Origin: Talk-o-meter was found at the end of a rainbow and initially developed one sunny day by a talkative unicorn. Well, close, it was developed by the boss of a tech company who had the not too admirable superpower of talking too much on Google Meet.🤦‍♂️ When COVID-19 hit, the entire company realised that they were spending many hours each day on conference calls talking and talking and talking.😩 It was then the crushing realisation hit - maybe, just maybe, the boss was talking too much, reducing the ability for others to contribute and feel heard in meetings. 🤷 After moving rapidly from denial to acceptance in the grief cycle, the boss thought, “What if there was a way for everyone to measure and monitor how long they speak on all web calls?” 🤔 How it works: Talk-o-meter tracks the number of seconds each participant talks in Google Meet and displays information in real-time, including: * Your rank (e.g. 1st, 2nd...) * An indicator if you're above or below the group average * The percentage of time you've talked in the meeting For example, if you see "1st ^ 67%", that means you talk the most (ranked 1st), and are 67% above average. Hover your mouse over the number, and you'll see some more statistics including the percentage of time you've spoken in the meeting. A negative/minus number indicates your below average and maybe should offer a thought provoking opinion, or a long joke 😁 Benefits: One of the strong predictors of an effective meeting (100% scientifically proven by the way) is that all participants contribute... Sorry, boss. 🤬 Talk-o-meter aims to rid the world of crappy meetings, one meeting at a time. It starts with downloading Talk-o-meter and sharing it with your team.🙌 Talkometer is free to download (and open source) and far more hygienic than putting a sock in your mouth.🧦 If you’ve been sent this link by a friend (hint, hint), download it today and begin encouraging more voices to be heard within your team. Talk-o-meter is a Chrome Browser Extension that is only active when you're using Google Meet (A Google Meet Add-on). Privacy is assured and all talk time tracking statistics are visible to you and you only. It does not gather usage stats, nor does it track your conversations. It's a fantastic meeting tracker, but no warranty is provided and results may vary depending on the size of one's mouth 😬 Source on Github: Release History: 2022-10-21 - Addressed a bug that prevented "You" from being tracked. This was caused by a new Google Meet layout.

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Mark PeterNov 15, 2023

pretty nice tool in general but not working since a few months anymore. I contacted the developers but its still broken (last update Oct 2022). Will stay for 2 stars until its coming back to life ;-)

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Pavel P.Aug 8, 2023

It is no longer showing the data in Google Meet as of 08/08/2023.

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Timothy ThomasJun 22, 2023

Overall this tools seems to work pretty well. I find it is more accurate than some of the other options. I do feel it is a little overbearing at times with the numbers constantly changing; this can be distracting from the actual conversation content. I think it would be nicer to be able to toggle the display when I wanted to have a look; or perhaps to only show the ranking or some temperature reading and not all the detailed info unless I hover. EDIT: This tool is no longer working, which is... Show more


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