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Tahap Wira is One Of The Top Interior Designer And Office Renovation Company In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We are a company that was…

Tahap Wira is One Of The Top Interior Designer And Office Renovation Company In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We are a company that was born in 2008 Tahap Wira with the aim of satisfying needs of comfort and functionality for housing, commerce, and offices spaces. We have offices in Selangor and we have young and creative professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the area of Architecture-Interior Design-Furniture and Construction projects. We also have advisors with more than 30 years of experience in the construction sector. We are a creative and responsible company that provides well-being and harmony to our clients through the spaces we create, devising a lifestyle. ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION We develop architecture projects from the stage we call projects and take it to its execution or stage of work, supervision and completion of the same, whether the case of new construction, expansion or remodeling. WORK EXECUTION Tahap Wira also offers the construction service for people or companies that already have a project designed with plans ready to be executed on site. If you do not have the license yet, we will carry out the procedure so that you can make your project viable. BUDGETS AND APPRAISALS We prepare the budget and work schedule and start the execution of it. If you work with bank loans, we value the work progress for the required disbursements and receive the supervision of the experts or appraisers. PROJECTS THAT WE DEVELOP Architecture and Construction Projects Building Remodeling Construction Finishes and Furniture INTERIOR DESIGN AND REMODELING We INTEGRATE THE INTERIOR SPACE CREATING ENVIRONMENTS WITH STYLE At Tahap Wira we develop Interior Design projects and/or remodeling your environments, taking into account not only the ideal distribution of the space but also the interior design and equipment, thus achieving a completely integrated design as a whole. Just as each of us needs to renew ourselves because our environments also require it, we advise our clients on everything they need to improve, condition, renovate, innovate or create in their interior spaces by personalizing them, making them unique, own, functional, generating sensations and emotions. They are: light, color, textures and shapes. One of the most important elements when designing an interior space is furniture, so to design A FURNITURE we care that it is aesthetically attractive but at the same time fully functional and that corresponds to the style and concept of the whole environment integrating it to the environment harmoniously.

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