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Jason Maskell

Jan 16, 2021

Not working in Vivaldi browser

I've installed this extension in Vivaldi browser (based on Chromium, all other extensions I've tried work fine). When I click on a button to save the page as a bookmark, editable page, etc - nothing happens, it doesn't save anything. Just wondering if I'm missing something, or if it's a bug. Thanks

paul maydaynight

Jun 10, 2018

a real file manager plugin required please

its seems odd you wont continue and expand this file manager when the whole world is clambering for a real midnight commander two pane that works inside any browser as a simple addon.

perhaps you can make such ( or someone more experienced?) can make such a thing and perhaps even integrate it into great web addon applications like "duckieTV".

personally im looking for an in browser based MC type file manager for use with "Openmediavault" as a base


Jan 22, 2018

Launch Tagspaces button gone

Dear developer,
Launch Tagspaces button gone.
So I can't open the built-in file browser since yesterday (January 21).
Can you check what happened? Thank you in advance.
Kind regards,

A Chrome Web Store user

Aug 10, 2017

Google Drive

It seems not able to navigate to the "local" Google drive on Chromium OS

A Chrome Web Store user

May 2, 2017

Online services, Diigo, Delicious etc

I know it's self-hosting, but could you add some online services?

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 25, 2017


are there any plans or possibilities of fixing the deprecated NPAPI? would love to get the r/w functionality on my chromebook.



Dec 21, 2016

Can not play WMA AUDIO

Unfortunately, because this is a very good extension, but a little bit disappointing that it says to be able to play audio, without supporting WMA. Wav is no problem, but WMA is not working. I hope there will be a solution soon. If this solution will come, I say thank you very much in advance to the developer(s).


Dec 19, 2016

Download Files Directly

It would be great if you could download files directly from a web page page rather than the entire page itself or just a screenshot thereof. Maybe make the extension give a "Download with TagSpaces" option whenever a user right-clicks something that normally gives a "save [type] as..." option, like how ad-blockers add a "block object" option to the right-click menu.

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