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Robert Bevan (Beholden2)

May 4, 2024

Using for Amazon selers, on Amazon

Hi I have historically been using this to do a reverse search on TA, however it stops at 305 products, I have tried on many different sellers, same thing. I have also tried with only 1 tab open?
any suggetions.

milvelys gudiño

Sep 11, 2023

Cancel subscription

I need to cancel the subscription to this app, I have not used it for months, the receipts have never arrived to my email, and I had not noticed, I see that they refer to this link: in the other comments and that link only takes you to retrieve the user number, cancel a subscription should not be so complicated, I need to stop charging immediately. Thanks

Karla Galo

Jun 23, 2023

Subscription cancellation

I need to cancel my subscription asap. Please let me know hot to proceed.

Jeff Lester

Apr 11, 2023


I need to cancel Tactical Expander. Effective immediately.

Susan Gilbert

Mar 27, 2023

how to update this to TA

I can't figure out how to update TB to TA. It's installed to Chrome and when I am on TA, I press the icon for TB to update but it just goes to the TB website.

Kate Bright

Mar 27, 2023

cancel please it keeps auto charging me

I've attempted to cancel 3 months in a row and still being charged. How do I get this cancelled? I stopped using it Dec 2022.

Jorge Hernandez

Feb 14, 2023

Atop charging me

I have canceled this service and am still getting charged


Nov 17, 2022

Cancel subscription and recover previous access code

How do I cancel my subscription?

How do I recover my previous access code.


Patti Damiri

Aug 29, 2022

Cancelled TA - Need to cancel Tactical Expander as of 8-29-22

How to cancel? We removed chrome extention.

Ferliros Lucip

Jun 14, 2022

extension not working again

It was working fine yesterday but when I try to use it now, it will not run. It occurred twice already, so frustrating.

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