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Arpad Orfi

Oct 14, 2022

Kiwi browser sync on Android does not always work

Hello Juraj,

In my previous message I've written that TabSync Pro can sync tabs even in Kiwi browser on Android. It can, but it doesn't work flawlessly.
This time when I opened the extension pop-up in Kiwi on my phone, the pop-up shows the tabs on my Windows PCs correctly, however for "This PC" (i.e. Kiwi browser on the phone) the extension shows nothing. Even when I tap on "sync" there is no change and the "This PC" panel remains empty.

Maybe this is because of the different memory handling of Android... maybe the extension can't function properly all the time in the background... and even after opening it, it can't correctly read the open tabs... even if I refresh those tabs one by one.

I could only populate the "This PC" panel in Kiwi with my open tabs via the TabSync pop-up on my PC by dragging a tab from the PC tab list to the panel of my phone. Then, after clicking on sync on the phone, finally the tabs on the phone show up in TabSync in Kiwi.

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