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Tom Martin

Mar 15, 2023

Exclude all subfolders of Bookmark Bar

Almost everyone periodically cleans up their Bookmarks Bar folder by deleting or moving bookmarks to subfolders. But maddeningly NOT A SINGLE EXTENSION exists that searches only the primary folder, ignoring all subfolders. With Chrome and most others, all you know is that those bookmarks will show up at or very close to the bottom. This would be acceptable if the folder name was present but few even do that. I read your Advanced Search doc but it wasn't clear to me - can you ignore subfolders? If not, do you at least show which bookmarks are in subfolders?

Grant Millar

Jul 13, 2022

Some questions and feedback

1. I couldn’t figure out how to add tabs easily because I didn’t realise that the ‘Window’ rows were my active sessions. Maybe I just skipped through the tutorial too quickly? The only thing I remembered about how to save tabs is that I can use the Chrome Extension icon and click ‘Save’ when I’m looking at my open session.

2. When I figured out that each of the headings titled ‘Window’ were active sessions in the browser (I had multiple windows open), I chose to right-click and ‘Save’. I wanted to create a new folder for the saved item to go into, but couldn’t see where the ‘Create folder’ option was. I thought the logical place would be near where the drop-down option is to choose a folder, rather than on the other side. It could even be the very top option of the drop-down menu, rather than a separate button.

3. I like that there’s an option to ‘Close stored tabs’.

4. I like that I can right-click to rename the saved folders. I also like that it’s clean and doesn’t automatically show you the URL; however, I think it would be nice to have an option to easily see a URL so you know where the link takes you.

5. I want to be able to change the icon for saved tabs. Is that an option?

6. I absolutely LOVE that I can open an entire group of bookmarks in one hit. It means that when I start up my PC, I can easily open all of my usual sites in one hit. It also means if I have a set of tabs I want to open for a certain project, I can open everything in one hit. LOVE this!

7. Creating new subfolders isn’t intuitive. I thought I should be able to click on the main folder header (like the ‘Bookmarks’ folder, for instance) and right-click to have an option to create a subfolder. I messed around, looking for this functionality for several minutes, and I still can’t figure it out.

8. I like the option to have quick-access items, to segregate a few links that you don’t want to have to go looking for and always use. Another great time saver.

9. I love that there’s a dark mode!

10. It would be great to have different views other than just the list view.

11. Search feature is great for those who have heaps of tabs and want to find it without navigating!

Yiannis Ioannou

Aug 31, 2015

Import bookmarks

Is there a way to import in TabsFolders my browser saved bookmarks?

Artem Russkikh

Aug 1, 2015

Make left panel by default full size

Maybe as a option in settings

Artem Russkikh

Aug 1, 2015

Position in tree

He does not remember the position in the tree

Artem Russkikh

Aug 1, 2015

Implement bookmarks

It would be cool if it could use local bookmarks for saving tabs "in folders" without sign in and sign up (as a new feature in options)

Artem Russkikh

Aug 1, 2015

Loss tabs

1. I open new linked window with my tabs from folder

2. Open new tab

3. Close TabsFolders window

4. Close my window with my tabs

TabsFolder didn't ask for saving changes, so i loss my new opened tab

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