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Rod Majuelo

May 18, 2021

Rearranging tabsets

Is this feature available?

Dylan Barsby

Jun 10, 2020

Disabling the extension

Hi there. If I temporarily disable the extension, do I run the risk of losing my existing tab-sets?

Nitzan Neeman

Mar 23, 2020

Password protection


Just discovered this ext and it works beautifully, thank you!!!
Are you planning to add password functionality, so that certain sets could only be open after providing a password?
I guess in the options you can decide whether to have a different password for each set (or no password) or use a default password for all sets....

Adie D

Sep 7, 2019

Import Tabs from OneTab extension?

Is it possible to import tabs for Onetab extension?
both extensions are useful... yours is easier to create categories and move url's to desired folders.

Onetab has the ability to save tabs on right click ect , but gives no room for folder making and placement only renaming groups.

great if you could extend whats best of both :)


Aug 8, 2019

My tabsets tabs are lost during the last few days or a week ago

Hi I didn't realise when and how but today I noticed that all my previous tabs I have been creating for some time were missing. I don't see any option to synchronise them and restore them from anywhere. Please help?

Erik Alcala Salero

Nov 18, 2018

Hi, I have problems deleting a tabset

Hi, I installed the extension but nothing happens when trying to delete a tabset, I'm using Vivaldi 2.1, Also, will there be any more updates ? Can I send feedback ? Would be great to only save the tabs that are not pinned

Jessica Louie

Nov 11, 2018

Syncing Across Computers

When I add a tabset on my school computer and switch to my personal laptop, I don't see the tabset I just added. How do I make sure it syncs up for sure?

Michelle Carter

Aug 20, 2018

Are tabs lost when Chrome updates?

Just migrated from OneTab to Tabsets and I so prefer Tabsets. A frequent criticism of OneTab is that tabs can be lost when Chrome updates or after various other events. Will anything cause Tabsets to be lost? Is there a way to preserve them in the event of a browser update? Thank you!

Peter Van Garderen

Oct 3, 2017


Very useful extension. Just wondering though why you need to personally track each end-user page view?

Sheryl Hohman

Jun 14, 2016

Does this work with current version of Chrome ?

I see on github that this extension hasn't been updated in 3 years.
Does it work with current (June 2016) version of Chrome ?

Thank you for making the source code available, and allowing us to contribute, or fork. And especially to let us see for ourselves that there is no strange behaviour via permissions :-) Very Cool !

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