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Lovis Suchmann

Apr 8, 2024

Have Shift+Middle Click open tab in the background?

Would be great if Shift+Middle Click would open the tab in the background, i.e. have the default behavior flipped on its head. Right now, with this extension active I completely lose the ability to quickly open a tab in the background, with the only option left being the context menu. Any chances this feature gets implemented? I'd be glad to help out.

Stefan Kip

Apr 8, 2024

Is it possible to add the options to disable for X minutes?

Hi, I was using Tabs to the front but it got replaced by some weird AI solution, so I removed it.
Now using this extension, but it's missing one feature compared to v1.
With v1 I could click on the toolbar icon and then disabled the feature for a few minutes or infinite and then re-enable it again manually if I wanted to.
This is especially useful when you want to open a lot of tabs in one go, without them taking focus.
Could this feature be added?

Bryan “Ironman” Stark

Sep 17, 2023

Stopped working today 2023-09-17

Hi Douglas, this is a great ext, but it stopped working for me this morning.
Browser: Microsoft Edge 117.0.2045.31 (Official build) (64-bit)

I have it activated in private mode as well and tried it both in public and private mode. I don't have Chrome so I couldn't try it there. Can you post a link to your Github?


Feb 19, 2023

Stopped working

No longer works

Mac McConnell

May 13, 2022

Extension doesn't survive a chrome restart

The extension works perfectly but when I shut down chrome, and restart it, the extension fails to load, or do anything at all. I have to Remove the extension and then add it again. I twill then work perfectly for the duration of that session, but not the next one.

carsten e

Jun 30, 2021

Goes to new tab, but leaves the bookmark folder open...

When I open a bookmark from a folder in my bookmark bar (folder folds open over webpage) in a new tab, it activates it correctly, but leaves the bookmark folder open. I then have to click it again to close it. Since june 2021 on updated chrome.

alejandro cesar conrado tellez

Aug 16, 2019

quiero leer mi correo electronico

no me deja abrir vbandeja de correo

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