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kenneth Gao

Oct 16, 2022

Unable to sync

Hi, when i use my new labtop to log in google chrome, all the tab sets were gone. Is there any methods i could try to restore the tab I set in the old device ?

Shaman Valius

May 14, 2022

Скриншот страницы

Добавлю... Что при сохранении вкладок, расширение не сохраняет их скриншот. Иногда рандомно из списка может у 1-го или 2-х скриншот страницы и появиться.


Feb 28, 2021

Не сворачиваются закрепленные вкладки.(

Меня как раз устраивало то, что закрепленные вкладки сохраняются как и обычные.(
Автор, просьба в настройках добавить вариант на выбор!

Juan Miguel Hayot

Feb 18, 2021

Sync between devices

It would be a nice feature to sync tabs aside between devices.

Allan Marcus

Jan 2, 2021

Change hotkey?

I use Mac, Windows, and Linux, and I'm constantly hitting the wrong modifier keys. as a result, I hit control-T on the Mac a lot. Is there any way to change or disable to control-T hotkey?

Sakura Minami

Dec 27, 2020

It's deleted all of my set aside tabs

This morning, I want to open the tab that I set aside from yesterday, and then I realized all the tabs are gone, all of the tabs is just disappear.


Nov 10, 2020

Все классно, только почему нельзя откладывать по одной вкладке?

Все классно, только почему нельзя откладывать по одной вкладке?

Agustin Simoncelli

Sep 3, 2020

Some more suggestions

don't want to be annoying, you probably thought of this stuff already, but just in case:
- It would be great if you could just close the panel by clicking outside of it
- It would be great if it showed the thumbnail of websites, but i'm guessing that's in the works
- Creating "collections" in the pane and adding websites later

Agustin Simoncelli

Sep 3, 2020

New Features

First of all, great extension, just what i was looking for. But I think it really needs the option to add single tabs to a "session". And also, restore without removing should be the default, or there should be a way to change the default. It's also kinda annoying that sometimes instead of opening the pane, it opens the extension in a new window

Juan Miguel Hayot

Sep 1, 2020

The extension doesn't open as a pop-up window

The extension opens on a new tab. I thought it would be as a pop-up window like in the picture on the description.

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