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Apr 2, 2024

No longer working, blocked by chrome

all settings pages and all suspended tabs blocked by chrome

Sam Hasler

Mar 8, 2024

Cannot drag between groups when a search filter is active

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Search for a term that finds multiple tabs in more than one group within the same window
2. Expand the tabs
3. Drag a tab from one group to another

It seems to move it to the target group, and then move it back again.

Sam Hasler

Mar 6, 2024

Workaround for naming windows

I currently have a 18 windows (it's not an addiction, it's a superpower 😁) and I needed a way to quickly rename all the windows in TabManager so I wrote a script to do it.

This renames each of your windows with the title of the first tab. I put it in a bookmarklet so it's easy to run.

// Works with v2.0.1 of
for(const win of document.querySelectorAll(`[aria-label="browser window"]`)) {
const name = win.querySelector(`[aria-labelledby="win-${}-label"]`).firstChild.innerText;
win.querySelector(`[aria-label="Name window"] button`).click();
document.getElementById('window-title').value = name;
document.querySelectorAll('.MuiDialogActions-root .MuiButtonBase-root')[1].click();

If you want a nice first tab for each window you could use this example:
(Segoe UI is a Windows font so you might want to change that if you're on another system.)

data:text/html;charset=utf-8,<style>head{background:%23ccc;display:block;width:100%;height: 100%;text-align: center;}title{display:inline-block;top:50%;font-family:"Segoe UI","Segoe UI Emoji";font-size:15vh;position:absolute;width:100%;left:0px;margin-top:-15vh;}</style><link rel="icon shortcut" href="data:image/svg+xml,<svg viewBox='0 0 64 64' xmlns='' style='height: 64px;width: 64px;'><text x='0' y='52' style='font-size: 42pt'>👨</text></svg>"><title>👨💬📧📑</title>

Sam Hasler

Jan 31, 2024

Nothing in expanded group that was unexpanded when Tabmanager was opened

Tab manager doesn't seem to know what is in unexpanded groups. Could it somehow re-load the tab data when it expands a group?

Sam Hasler

Jan 19, 2024

A few suggestions

I've given this extension a 5 star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review as it is the best extension for organising tab groups. I do have a few suggestions that would make it even better:

1) Add a screenshot showing tab groups to the chrome web store landing page. It wasn't immediately obvious it could manage groups. (A more zoomed in screenshot as the first screenshot would probably help too.)

2) Allow selecting across more than 1 window.
2.1) Ctrl + Click in tab in 2nd window when tabs already selected in another doesn't clear existing selection
2.2) Top level "Move selection to existing group" button with menu to select group that has search/filter feature for finding the group.
2.3) Top level "Move selection to existing Window" button with menu to select window that has search/filter feature for finding the group.
2.4) Add "select all search results" button.
2.5) Changing search doesn't unselect tabs (even if they are now hidden).
2.6) Add a "only show selected tabs" filter.
2.7) Add a "only show windows with tabs" filter. (Which would show unselected tabs in those windows)

NB: these features would allow building up a selection across multiple windows using the search feature, and then manually selecting more tabs before moving them all at once to an existing group/window.

3) Can groups have a count of the number of tabs in them the same way that window do?

4) Add a button/menu option to each "window" for "Collapse/Expand all groups in current window"

5) Add a button to search results for "Collapse/Expand all matching groups" next to "Close matching tabs"

6) Add a button to search results for "Suspend matching tabs" next to "Close matching tabs"

7) Can you make it aware of virtual desktops? I have some windows open on other desktops, so being able to hide those would be very helpful.

8) Could there be an option to hide all the "close tabs" buttons and menu options. I'm slightly worried that one day I will click on one by accident and close a bunch of tabs. (Do they prompt you to confirm?)

9) Name windows after the Title of the first tab.
(You could also post a comment on the following chromium issue requesting a window name API with a link back to your extension: )

10) Could there be a way to exclude some tabs from suspension?

David Ferguson

Sep 7, 2023

Keyboard Shortcuts / Quicker Way to Restore a Saved Session

Loving this extension and use it to keep separate windows depending on what I'm working on. Right now it's a few clicks to open the manager and then go to saved sessions and click 'restore' next to the saved window I want - would be amazing if there was a quicker way (like custom keyboard shortcuts to achieve this)

Panos Kassianidis

Jul 14, 2023

Window names in Edge

Hello, I am using the extension in Edge and I really like it. Unfortunately the window names are something like "Window 12343245" which doesnt help identify them easily. It would be great if the name was the same as you see in Edge when looking at the "Window" menu.
Edge allows you to also manually set the name of a Window...

Matt Powers

Jul 12, 2023

Session exports - Window names are not saved?

When I do session saves/restores for something major like an OS patch - I am finding the window names I edit prior to saving don't appear following restore. Could that be something enhanced - to retain the window names as part of saved sessions that get restored?

Kevin Dean

Mar 17, 2023

Save to Window Sort options

Currently, when clicking the dots menu on a tab and using the Save to window option, the list of Saved Sessions window are sorted by date from new to old. When you save a lot of windows over time, it starts to get difficult to find specific windows. If they were alphabetical, it would make things a lot easier.

Since different people have different needs, maybe the sort records option the Saved Sessions tab can be saved and also used as the sort option for the Save to window list or have a separate setting in the Settings to save our preference for how to sort the dropdown.

Maybe even have an advanced option, where the save dropdown shows like the latest 5 saved-to folders at the top and then the rest by our setting (title or date). This way if you saving to the same folders more than once recently, it's easier to get to at the top and then rest or including the recent ones in duplicate sorted as you like it below it.

Recent Saved to Folder 1
Recent Saved to Folder 2
Recent Saved to Folder 3
Recent Saved to Folder 4
Recent Saved to Folder 5
A Folder
B Folder
C Folder
D Folder (also Recent 3)
E Folder
F Folder (also Recent 1)

Make sense? Just some ideas.

Bioy Felner

Mar 8, 2023

Tutorials on how to use your extension?

Do you have any tutorials on how to use your extension and videos or articles explaining in detail how to use each of the features? I checked both in your website and in YouTube and don´t fine any.

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