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John Hinkle

May 30, 2023


Im also looking for a keyboard shortcut for Tabli. The one listed on your webpage doesn't work (cntrl-). All that does is zoom in a page.

I won't really be able to use this for my purposes without a shortcut.

Spiro Bogdanos

Feb 24, 2023

Does this extension save RAM usage?

My browser is lagging a bit and one reason may be that I keep a lot of tabs open to read later. When I press Shift+Esc I notice a lot of these tabs that I'm not using are hogging my RAM.
I see that some extensions related to tab management will "hibernate" or suspend tabs that I am not using. Does Tabli do something like this? Can you recommend something that does this?

Mayank Gupta

Jan 27, 2023

Ability to open the Tabli interface with a shortcut


Thank you so much for Tabli. It's amazing and way better than the default tab search with-in chrome. I was hoping if there is a way to launch the tabli's interface with a shortcut, which I may have missed - and if it doesn't exist then will it be possible to add that feature?

Thanks again!


lawrence d'Aniello

Jan 5, 2023

popup doesn't remain fixed

Hi, the popup doesn't remain fixed as in the video, so when I click on a link inside the popup, the latter disappears. I'm using Windows 10 and Chrome Browser

Bart Beeman

Oct 23, 2022

Auto save?

Hi there - thanks for such a useful product! I really like the use of bookmarks to save the tab information. Can Tabli be made to automatically save sessions or with it only save when manually told to do so? I've also played with Session Buddy and it will periodically save sessions for windows I've had open but didn't remember to save recently..


Кирилл Фролов

Oct 19, 2022

Can tabli scroll to currently open tab when opened?

Also can you update extension for manifest 3?

Matt Blais

Jun 15, 2022

Expand search-result folder?

Often when when I have a number of Tabli search results, what I want to do is EXPAND one of the folders in the result list, so I can see all its tabs. It would be quite useful to have a keystroke for this.

I might know the name of the Folder, but not the name of the specific page that I am looking for. Currently Tabli makes it easy to find the folder, but then it's not possible to expand it to inspect all its pages.

Matt Blais

Feb 16, 2022

User CSS?

Would it be possible to add a "User CSS" field to Tabli preferences?

Matt Blais

Feb 16, 2022

Support Tab Groups and Pinned Tabs?

If possible, it would be awesome if Tabli would preserve whether or not a tab is pinned, and the new Tab Groups feature.

Robert Gottesman

Dec 16, 2021

Greyed out saved links

When I try to open a saved window I noticed some of the pages (links) are greyed out and do not open. Why is that? Is there a fix?

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