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Nick L

Mar 19, 2019

does it have right click menu?

does it have right click menu?

A Chrome Web Store user

Jun 30, 2018

como borrarlo?

quiero borrarlo

sam sword (samxlb)

Jun 10, 2018

Broke after chrome last update

Hi, your extension has broke after chrome's latest update, please fix it..

Pete Bragansa

Mar 9, 2018

keyboard shortcut

any way to set a keyboard shortcut for tab jump?



Ted B

Jan 11, 2018

tab jump

why can't I lock the gmail tab
in chrome? I can in FF albeit with Tabs Plus.

Roberto Cactus

Nov 5, 2017



Dwight Brooks

Apr 12, 2016

Enhance function

Right now, locking is not carried between sessions. I suggest a new functionality (optional maybe).

All locked tabs reopen when a new window of Chrome is opened. Also, when closing a window, do not challenge the closing of each tab, but let the window close. After all, the locked tabs will be there when the window is opened again.

Dwight Brooks

Apr 12, 2016

Fix the locking problem

Gmail tab wont lock. I assume there are others. Please fix this annoying issue.

Dwight Brooks

Apr 7, 2016

Gmail tab wont lock

I got this extension so that I could lock my gmail and calendar tabs and a couple of others, but the most important being gmail.

Calendar locks, google play music and others lock, but gmail wont lock.

How do I fix this?

Joamir Mendes Jr.

Mar 30, 2016


Can't I lock Gmail tabs?

Google apps