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Rafael Nery Brito

May 6, 2023

Group Naming Convention

You may add these options to group naming convention:
- create without a name
- use the opener tab title

Alex Balazshazi

Feb 1, 2023

New tab in group shortcut

Hi, first off, thank you for your work. I'm a programmer and i work on different projects so your extension is a life saver. Is there any shortcut to create a new tab in the group im currently working in? Cause Ctrl+T just opens a new tab outside of the group. Thanks

Anoir Ben Tanfous

Dec 29, 2022

Pinned tabs get unpinned

Hi Faisal,

First of all thank for this extension that is pretty useful and unique, I would like ask you if you can add to the setting to optionally exclude pinned tabs from grouping, and maybe also optionally make the tab name dynamically change to add the number of grouped tabs (it is available in the tooltip) something like "youtube [5]"

Joel Thomas

Aug 23, 2022

color palette is missing the last "orange" option + change current color + "cropped" rules list

The color options native to Chrome tab groups are grey, blue, red, yellow, green, pink, purple, cyan and orange. Currently in the custom rules drop-down I do indeed see 9 options to choose from, but because the first option is "Random" I think the last "orange" option isn't being presented. ← This is the main "bug report" I wanted to submit... but now that I'm here,

(A) How do you modify the "color" attribute of an existing rule? I see the text boxes where I can change the URL and the group-label, but I don't see any obvious button to change the group-color.

Also (B) My rules are being cut off at the bottom. if I adjust the page zoom level I can manage to see maybe one more extra row at the bottom but that's it. Basically, I can see the first 20 or so custom rules just fine, but any beyond that / below that cutoff line are inaccessible to me.

It hasn't bothered me too much so far, but if I ever needed to edit any values or delete a rule, it could be a bit of a problematic hurdle. Especially considering the fact that old longtime "tried and true" rules you're comfortable with tend to propagate towards the top #1 spot and it's the relatively new rules you're still experimenting with that are appended to the bottom of the list, this essentially means that I'd be forced to delete and recreate my current, valued rulesets just to adjust something newer I'm still testing/unsure of keeping. Not exactly ideal. Just a friendly FYI

David Cain

Jun 10, 2022

2 questions

Is there a way to make a custom naming rule? For example I'd like the first 2-3 characters of the domain to take up less room on the tab bar

Is there a way to raise the number so it only makes groups if you have something like 5 from the same domain, as opposed to grouping as soon as there's 2?

I'm ok with hack-y solutions if you can point me in the right direction in terms of modifying the files

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