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A Chrome Web Store user

Oct 18, 2017

Focus seach

When I open Tabio, the search bar is not in focus, so cannnot start typing right away.
Instead I first have to use the mouse to click the serach bar.

Gheyath Huzayen

Jul 16, 2017

corrupted :S

and the repair thingy from the extension manager is not solving it, puts it back up, but crashes when you run it again

Jessica Sockel

Jun 18, 2017

My Tabio is corrupted

Please let me know how to fix it. The icon keeps disappearing from the bar and when I 'repair' from the extensions page, it shows up again but disappears as soon as I click on it.

mad copy

May 11, 2017



I keep getting a message (in the extensions page in chrome) that says "this extension may have been corrupted". I've removed and reinstalled, I've repaired again and again, all to no avail. When I hit the Tabio icon (a favorite extension,I might add), it disappears from the extension toolbar, and I check the extensions page again, rinse and repeat.

I'm using chrome on a windows 10 Lenovo laptop.

Please let me know if there is a fix.... Thanks!

madcopy . AT . gmail .DOT. com

Jeff Azcue

Aug 29, 2015

Toggle pinned tab

This extension is fantastic! The usability, design and performance are top-notch.

I do have a suggestion. Could you please add the ability to toggle pinned tabs?

Eliezer Cisner

Jul 16, 2015

Focus on Search field

Incredible extension! If I may, I'd like to suggest to have the search field automatically focused on initially, so that I can immediately start typing without having to click on it first every time.

Maël Frize

Jun 18, 2015


Those features would be very helpful:

- Search over the URL (not only the tab's name)
- Close Tabio with ESC

Victor Meyer

Jun 10, 2015

Hey Cole!

Hi Cole, you are super fucking famous dude!

Daniel Hosterman

Jun 3, 2015

Keyboard shortcuts

Hello! I love the idea of this plugin because I'd really like to navigate my tabs well without having to reach for my mouse. However, I can't find any documentation re: how to initially activate tabio from the keyboard. Is there a keyboard shortcut?


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