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A Chrome Web Store user

Jun 18, 2018

Cant Scroll to botom of tabs list

If a user has too many sessions so that the sessions extend past the screen, they cannot scroll down to the bottom.

It seems like the scroll bar is broken in general as it appears and disappears depending on if the mouse is hovering over an element.

Ben Rose

May 28, 2018

A new design

You plugin is amazing! it is saving my life! i love it!

The design is a little bit old and i made a more modern style version for my self and wanted to share it with you. you can download it here:

I would be happy if you use the design i added a text file in the root folder that explains what changes i made to the files.

Another thing:

I use the update or save button a lot and i think it's really annoyng that you have press yes every time you save. i think it be great if could not have to confirm but would have a undo button instead of the save button just for a few second or until you close the pop window.

Thank you very much!!!


Jun 5, 2016


All of a sudden I notice there are over ten lines of SPACE between each item/website saved. I prefer no line-space at all between each line of information/website address. Please advise. Thank you very much.

Andreas Bok Andersen

Apr 30, 2015


Love your extension. However it would be cool if the mode was saved with the session, such that sessions saved in incognito are reopened in incognito and normal mode ditto.

Best Andreas

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