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Jul 11, 2023

tab group support

It is appreciated that we can support & prevent to delete tabs in tab groups just like the pinned ones.

Rodrigo Elesbao

Feb 16, 2022

Feature suggestion: closed tabs management

Just a feature suggestion: 'restore all'; 'restore selected'; 'delete selected'. Because, sometimes, long time closed tabs tend to become (forgotten and, then,) useless.


mikiooo zhang

Dec 12, 2021

I cant install it

When I try to download it will say Failed - Forbidden
it will also prompt a error saying
an error have occurred
access is denied

Lu V

Aug 26, 2021

Devs, please tell if there's a way to recover tabs from a month ago?

Hey, devs, I didn't know that this extension only keeps all my tabs from about 3 days ago only... After a month of using it, I decided to check all the tabs I've saved for the first time, and well...
I actually genuinely feel really bad now since I thought that this extension it keeps everything... 🙁
Now I lost a month's worth of about over 1,000+ tabs since I can recall saving about 30-50 tabs a day... This sucks... Are all those tabs can't be restored at all? Please, I'm really desperate, is there any other way to restore tabs from about a month ago? Thanks so much...


Jul 23, 2021

Does it store the closed tabs history after the browser window closed?

Does it store the closed tabs history after the browser window closed? Can the tabs restore on the next browser session, after PC shutdown and restart?


May 22, 2021

"Off until turned on" setting

Add an option to disable extension unless specifically turned on for current window. It is currently too eager to do its' job, to the point of creating more problems than it solves

Astronault M

Aug 25, 2020

Corporate partnerships?

Guys, I've been using the extension for 3 months now, you did a great job. I wanted to ask you whether you were also working with companies?

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