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Jack Drunck

May 7, 2024

how do i get the tab unsuspended

the tab remained suspended after i bookmarked it. its not responsive at all if i want to revisit it. the address are bunch of unreadable code

XN Test

May 3, 2024

Tab will be cleared if the suspended tab is within a group that was saved and hide

The chrome's new feature allow user to save and hide group of tabs.
If there are suspended tab inside the group that was hidden, when the group is unhidden and open back, the suspended tab will be come "new tab".
If this problem can be fixed, it will be really helpful in saving memory resources. Reason is that when the group is unhidden and opened back, all the tabs will be reloaded at once. It could slow down the chrome during reloading (20++ tabs).

Simon Vaulks

Apr 24, 2024

Tabs in groups don't suspend

Hi, tabs in groups don't suspend.

When you right click on them, the menu has a tick next to 'Already ignored (for current session only)'

Move the tabs out of a group and that option goes away.

I need my open tabs in groups to be suspended, is this possible?


Apr 14, 2024

Suspended Tabs seems unable to load & cause Brave to crash at startup?

Suspended Tabs seems unable to load & cause Brave to eventually crash at startup?
Circular progress wheels show on each tab and never complete and Brave then crashes!
Appreciate any suggestions, solutions or workarounds etc to resolve this major issue as have a number of tabs which need to be accessed!

Josh Mason

Apr 10, 2024

suspended tabs permanently suspend and cannot be unsuspended sporadically here and there

Hey there

When it auto-suspends tabs in chrome, some tabs get permanently suspended and cannot ever be unsuspended. tried reloading, clicking, unsuspending from the chrome extension.. I effectively lose approx 30% of all tabs and can never retrieve them again. this is a huge problem.

pls help rectify asap

Sheeraz Writes

Mar 30, 2024

Issue with Tabsuspender: Icons not Displaying Correctly after Restarting Chrome

When I start up Chrome after turning off my computer, the tabs that were paused by Tabsuspender show the Tabsuspender icon instead of the icons for those websites. It fixes itself if I disable and re-enable the extension, or if I close and reopen the browser.

Bruce Cox

Mar 14, 2024

how do you unsuspend in chrome

how do you unsuspend in chrome I click the link nothing happens

Islam Ibakaev

Feb 20, 2024

Cannot remove or override suspended tab screenshot transform property

I have noticed suspended tab screenshot has been applied css transform property(transform: scale(0.8, 0.8);).
I added (transform: initial;) into "suspended page style" -> "advanced" textarea to override transform property, but it doesnt gets applied. I dont know what to do. Please help.

Jaroslav Mrvka

Jan 31, 2024

Please plan autoclose list

My suggestion is to add to tab suspender also function of a list of webs, which will be autoclosed in a particular time. Let's make an example. I will open a new tab and run, but will forget to close the tab. In this case instead of suspending the tab, would be better case to autoclose the tab in let's say 2 minutes time automatically.

Never the less, I love Your extension guys. Cheers Slava

Artemi Lebedev

Dec 22, 2023



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